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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Use the Link Below to Reserve Your Spot!

FSTS is excited to provide this workshop for students in grades 8+, including current college students planning to audition for 4 Year Programs.


Are you planning on auditioning for a college Acting or Musical Theatre program? Have you thought about it but don't know what it entails or if a college theatre program is even right for you? This is the perfect workshop to help you answer those questions. Whether you are looking to get some top notch coaching on your prepared material, or you are just beginning to think about college auditions, this is the workshop for you!

Tim Evanicki, the owner and creator of "The College Audition" has been preparing students for their college auditions for 18 years. He is a celebrated Juilliard-educated voice teacher and singer, who has traveled extensively, singing on some of the world’s most prestigious stages. He will be coming to From Stage to Screen for one day only, to prepare you for the specific requirements of the college audition.

The workshop begins with an information session: How to pick what colleges to apply to. What do the different degrees mean? What to prepare? What does the typical college audition look like? What are Unifieds? Should you do them? What do you do in the interview process? And more!

The second half of the workshop will see each student get one-on-one coaching on their current audition material. (If you have not yet picked material specifically for college, this is still a great opportunity to get any current audition piece worked on with an excellent vocal coach.)

Grades: 8+, including college students planning to audition for 4 Year Programs

Cost: $40 (Only 12 performance slots are available, after they fill up we will open up Observer slots at a reduced rate. If you are in 8th Grade or a Parent who would like to accompany your child for the workshop, you may sign up for an Observer Slot now, 9th - 12th graders must fill up the performance slots before Observer Slot become available.)

When: 03/11/23 from 5 PM - 9 PM

Where: From Stage to Screen, 79 Vineyard Ave, Highland NY 12528


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