Willy Wonka Jr Character Breakdown and Audition Information

Please check out MTI Audition Central at THIS LINK for audition material.

Scroll down until you see the "Select a Show" drop-down menu and choose "Willy Wonka Jr."

Please see below for the portion of the song we are asking you to prepare for each character.

Willy Wonka: Prepare "Pure Imagination" sing the whole song.

Charlie Bucket: Prepare "Think Positive" from the beginning through Measure 35 (In no time you'll be thinking positive too.)

Grandpa Joe/Mr. and Mrs. Bucket: Prepare "Cheer up Charlie" from the beginning through Measure 18 (Up and at 'em boy.)

Augustus Gloop: Prepare "I Eat More" Measures 14 (Zen fried eggs mit...) through Measure 37 (I eat more! I eat more!) AND Measures 110 (I eat more!) through the end.

Oompa-Loompas: Prepare "Oompa-Loompa 1" from Measure 21 (Oompa-Loompa dom-pa-dee-da...) till the end.

Violet Beauregarde:  Prepare "Chew It" from the beginning through Measure 20 (...till I'm dead.) AND Measure 92 (I guess I blew it.) till the end.

Mike TeaVee: Prepare "I See it All on TV" from the beginning through Measure 17 (I see it all on TV.) AND Measure 81 (We can see it all on TV!) through the end.

Veruca Salt: Prepare "I Want it Now" from the beginning through Measure 47 (I'm Gonna Scream!)

Everyone Else: Prepare "The Candy Man" from Measure 41 (The candy man makes everything h bakes...) through Measure 49 (You can even eat the dishes).