"Jungle Book Kids" Character Breakdown and Audition Information

Please check out MTI Audition Central at THIS LINK for audition material.

Scroll down until you see the "Select a Show" drop-down menu and choose "Jungle Book Kids."

Please see below for the portion of the song we are asking you to prepare for each character.

Mowgli: Prepare "Mowgli Runs" from Measure 16 (Wherever you wander...) till the end.

Bagheera: Prepare "Jungle Prologue" from Measure 28 (Away we go...) through 43 (Open up the Jungle Book.)

Baloo: Prepare "Bare Necessities" sing the whole song.

Kaa: Prepare "Trust in Me" from Measure 16 (Trust in me...) through Measure 34 (Knowing I am around.) sing the top line.

Shere Khan: Prepare "Shere Khan the Tiger" from the beginning through Measure 21 (From mighty me, Shere Khan!)

Colonel Hathi: Prepare "Colonel Hathi's March" from the beginning through Measure 28 (Is a military goal.)

King Louie: Prepare "I Wanna Be Like You" from the beginning through Measure 33 (Learn to be hu-oo-oo-man too-oo-oo.)

Everyone Else: Prepare "Jungle Prologue" same as Bagheera.